Saturday, April 8, 2017

Should We be Best Friends After Breakup?

Good evening Aunty Amara... Sincerely I must apologise to you for not having said "Hello" in a while now, and making you feel I come to you only when I need your help. Am really sorry ma'am.
Actually Aunty bringing you back to this issue of my relationship,
finally we are officially apart now, courtsey of her based on the whole issue which you know about.
But now aunty am indeed confused because even when the whole idea of the break-up was all by her, she upon that don't want to let me go entirely. According to her she said she doesn't want to lose me entirely, and begging we become close friends.
Aunty am confused cos I really don't know what to say on that. Because with her decision of the breakup, I already have been hurt, and having her as a close friend like she want is something I don't know what to say on.
Please Aunty Amara what's your own idea and advice to all this?

My suggestion is this... 
She suggested a breakup, stick to it, cut off every form of communication with her and move on with your life. 
She cannot hold you to ransom because you love her, there's no benefit of such "best friends" for now. Since you're not good enough for a relationship, no need to raise your hopes by keeping you close, absolutely no need. 
Move on dear, make friends with female friends, appreciate yourself, learn from your mistakes, and trust God for a better relationship.


  1. Oh! This is really a dilemma if we should still maintain a friendship after the break up happened. I personally do not agree to this friendship. It prolongs the pain. Rather it is better to try avoiding and curing the pain soon. can help in this respect.


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