Friday, April 14, 2017

What Should I Do to Keep Him?

Good afternoon ma, am a follower of your blog and I always love the advices you give to people, this is my first time of writing to you.
Am in a relationship with a wonderful man but I recently have a challenge,
I recently cheated on him with a guy, and that was the first and last time ever since I have been in my relationship.
My boyfriend found out about it and recently confronted me about it, at first I tried lying to cover up my tracks but in the end I had to tell him the truth, we talked about it for hours and I apologized to him sincerely.
He told me he had forgiven me and would give me a second chance to win back his trust, and also promised him never to let such incident occur again, he also said I should not give him reasons to doubt me any longer.
Aunty Amara after listening to him I accepted all he said but am scared of losing him and I don't want to lose him.
Please ma I need your advice. 

Communicate often, be sincere to yourself and to God, allow time to define the future of your relationship. 
Trust once broken is pretty difficult to restore but not impossible. The future of your relationship depends on your attitude and his maturity, if he has genuinely forgiven you, his attitude towards you will reflect that, but when he constantly uses your past to criticise you, suspect you or emotionally torture you, it's obvious that there may not be a future in your relationship. 
But don't be afraid to be yourself in your relationship, like I said earlier allow time to reveal the future of your relationship.

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