Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Does He Really Love Me or Is He Deceiving Me?

Good evening ma, sorry for disturbing you again. My eyes is full of tears and my heart breaks as I type this message. Please ma I need your candid advise and that of your fans.
Last week I saw a text on my boyfriend's phone where
he slept with his fellow corper, and when I confronted him he apologized and promised to be faithful, and also said the corper knows about me, but I kept on wondering why such happened since she knew about me... He cheats with different girls on his phone.
Most times he sees my call as a disturbance, he always claim to be busy and angry most times. Sometimes he will say he don't feel like talking to anybody but if I happen to dial his number few minutes after I discover he is on call.
This is becoming too much, am seriously confused. I don't know if he actually loves me as he claims or he is just deceiving me. He once said he is sure of the love he has for me but won't promise to be faithful to me for now..
I have dated him close to three years now, please talk sense into me ma... Should I quit or not. Thanks and God bless you. 

I hope that you are ready to receive the truth that you demanded for in your mail. I hope you are willing to heed the truth and do it for your own good even when you may not feel comfortable with it. 
The plain truth is that his lips loves you but his heart is far away from you. 
He cheats with different girls, he sees your calls as disturbances, he gets angry at your care, and he's not emotionally prepared to be faithful to you. 
These are enough evidences to show that he's only telling you those tales to make you feel good, but in the real sense of the word, he's actually not in love with you. 
If you love yourself more, and know what you desire or deserve, you will certainly leave him and allow him to enjoy his ride with other ladies. 
You don't deserve to be tolerated and managed like a garbage or trash. His apologies makes no difference when his heart is deceptive. 
Choose you, love you, and celebrate you, someone better is on the way, if only you will choose to liberate yourself from this emotional torture you call love. 

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