Tuesday, April 11, 2017

How Do I Separate My Husband from His Mistress?

Good morning Aunty, please ma I want you to advise me on what to do.
I found out my husband has been dating one girl for a very long time now and from the beginning of his relationship with her I have always quarreled with my husband because of this girl.
I have begged my husband to stop seeing her but he won't listen, I even called the girl and begged her to stay away from my husband but she said she is in love with him and it is hard for her to do, I even asked my husband, he said he does not have feelings for her.
Aunty please help me, what do you think I can do to separate them because their relationship is becoming serious and it's over one year now.
Please I need your advice on what to do because I don't see any sign they are ready to end it.

Involve his family and your family, and discuss this with them, if things are not resolved, try talking to someone that he respects or listens to, maybe they will be able to convince him to be committed to his marriage, and always put everything to God in prayers. 
Our efforts as humans is limited, it's only God that can transform a corrupt mindset to a pure heart that is willing to honor God in his endeavors. 
Where you can't cope with his cheating habit, you may need to consider separating from him and work on reconciling when he's certain of what he wants in life. 
I will also suggest that you don't communicate with his mistress, that's belittling yourself before a stranger. Allow God to fight your battle, and give you victory in your marriage.


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