Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Am I Dreaming?

Good day sister, I'm P**. I got married to my husband nine years ago, and the marriage was blessed with three lovely kids. It all started three years ago when things weren't rossy as it's used to be and I told my husband that it is better we relocate from Abuja to Osogbo where things are not that expensive.
When we got to Osogbo, he decided to go to Lagos and hustle. Meanwhile, I'm a registered nurse but he stopped me from working.
When I got to Osogbo, I looked for job and the highest I was offered was ₦15,000 and I started managing that money. My husband left us since 2015 sending meagre money always telling me that he's hussling, for two years I didn't see him.
Then I decided to take my kids to my mum and go look for him in Lagos.
Behold, when I got there he was already living with another woman and they have a daughter of one plus.
My sister my heart is full of burden as if I'm dreaming.
Please what can I do in this kind of situation?
This is my number; 0803***

I would have said that you were dreaming or maybe hallucinating, but if you saw him with another woman, and you are convinced that she already has a daughter for him, then this is not a dream but a reality. 
Return to your children and brace up for life with your wonderful children. It is obvious that you were the one married to him while he's married to another lady. 
Inform your family of what you saw, and make efforts to inform his family too so that they will be in the picture of what is going on in your marriage. 
Please look for a well paying job all over Nigeria and plan towards giving your beautiful children the very best in their education and wellbeing. 
As regards your husband, I suggest that you allow his family and your family to come together and deliberate on the future of the marriage. 
If you are no longer comfortable with being married to him, please do not hesitate to consider separation. 
But if you are willing to forgive, accept him, and accommodate his daughter as yours, then I will encourage you to consider the option of reconciling with him, and pray for the wisdom, grace, maturity, and patience to build your home.

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