Friday, May 12, 2017

I Am Bitter and Broken!

Good morning ma!
God bless you for your good works..
Am writing to you again, I once wrote to you about my boyfriend who always blocks me on all social media whenever we have a misunderstanding...
It was a long distance relationship, we planned  making everything  formal towards the end of the year but now we no longer talk to each other, like we have broken up(though am yet to accept that)
Am broken and bitter. How do I move on? Have tried all I could(gave myself a good treat, bought things for myself, even cried) but every night I would always want to call and beg to make things right..
Is their really someone out there for me?
I want to settle down.. I feel I have achieved  what I should achieve in life for myself, the only thing I feel is left is a man..
Am a professional, am working, and am independent, I don't go asking my partner for money or things but still my relationship  failed. Though am stubborn but I believe am not perfect and I try so hard not to let my flaws affect my relationship...
I need a man, I want to get married, is getting so lonely everyday and the worst is my kid sister is engaged and she is set to wed soon(she was actually waiting for us to get done with ours before going ahead with hers)..
Am so bitter and broken, I fear am entering depression..
I need encouragement, I need a good man in my life that will love me even with my flaws(I need a man to love to) 😰😰😰😰

For anyone who desires who to love, and a partner who loves him/her, (s)he desires what is good and I pray that God will grant the very desires of your heart. 
The first thing you need to do at this point in your journey is to accept the fact that your partner have moved on with his life. Until you accept that, you will remain in the box of your own fears, worries, and pains. 
Sometimes God uses some experiences of life to refine our attitude and attributes before blessing us the desires of our heart. This may be a bitter experience but I see God preparing you for your husband using these experiences in your relationship. 
When you accept the fact that he has moved on, you will feel pain, anger, disappointment, and exhausted, but that is when you will start healing and become stronger. This will then help you to finally shut the door to your ex and be in charge of your emotions and thoughts. 
After this process, you need one more thing before getting married. I am delighted to know that you are a professional and an independent lady, but you need a personal relationship with God. 
The worst thing that can happen to you is not loneliness but a life that is not hidden in Christ Jesus, and a life that is controlled by pressures of life and fear of unknown. 
You need to draw closer to God, and allow his word to give you peace and faith that you need to proclaim his promises in your life. 
For every lady who desires a husband, God has made provision for your desire but you need to walk in accordance to his word to tap into his divine provision for your life. 
You are on a journey not in a competition, you are creating a story not imitating someone else, and you are here to fulfill God's purpose for your life, not to beg for acceptance of a man. 
You are too beautiful to beg to be loved and appreciated, you are too priceless to allow anything or anyone to make you lose your conviction in God's promises. 
Even if you try fixing your husband by yourself, you will end up with so many regrets and disappointments. So take a deep breath and surrender everything to God, he will fix the rest, and you will surely have a beautiful testimony of God's faithfulness in the end. 
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