Friday, May 12, 2017

Where are Good Ladies???

Aunty Amara please help my situation, I want a lady I can call my wife ever since my fiancé whom I was planning to marry in 2015 broke up with me three years ago based on religion, can't blame her but her parents (though you advised then).
I've not been able to meet "good lady"
cos the few ones I've met didn't really know what they actually wanted, it's either they are too depedent or have no direction.
In fact anytime I read something on your timeline or blog on how some guys use to cheat and maltreat some good ladies, I am always lost in deep thought.
Aunty Amara to tell you the truth I'm confused. Why can't I just meet one of the good ladies out there? Is my best not good enough? I've never doubledated in my life neither maltreated any lady but why at 36 years no wife, no child(ren)? Worried guy.

I can feel your disappointments, pains, and worries in your mail, and I understand how much you miss your ex. 
The truth is that you are yet to heal of what happened to you, and I quite understand why that is so. 
There are so many beautiful ladies around wishing for an opportunity to shower you with love and kindness. There are many ladies around you who understand how you feel and desire to make your journey more beautiful and fun for you. 
The only limitation is you. Your heart is focused on your ex but you are looking for the best lady to share your world with. You are wishing things turned out differently with your ex, and you feel that most ladies do not meet up with your standards. 
Here is what I suggest, your ex is part of your journey as a human, you can never erase those memories but you can intentionally decide to focus on becoming a loving man instead of looking for a loving lady. 
Focus on the things you love, and the things that makes you feel happy, fulfilled, and peaceful. 
Love comes naturally when the heart is at peace and when you are stable within, and you can never see the best in others when you feel terrible within. 
Take your time to find the rhythm of your happiness, and love will favour you with a beautiful and amazing lady. 
If you want matchmaking, we can discuss about that on my inbox. 
Cheer up, and don't forget to love yourself.

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