Monday, May 22, 2017

Should I Accept Him or Not?

God bless you ma.... My name is R***.. I have been dating a guy for over seven years now,  I just found out that he has been dating a girl for close to five years now.... I found out on March this year....
I asked him about the girl, he couldn't bring himself to explain so I quitted the relationship.... But I couldn't live without his thought in my mind cos he is my first lover. I begged him to explain but he refused, rather he asked me to go....
His family knows about our relationship, they all begged him to explain he refused...... Rather he told them that they should let me be, so I decided to let go of him.....
Presently,  there is a guy that is kind of a serious about me, we met on Facebook but he's based in Abuja together..... He said he wants settle down with me.....
We got talking on the 7th of this month...  And he has been on my neck like wanting me to give him chance.... Ma please I don't know if I should or not.....

Any undefined relationship after six months to eighteen months of dating is no longer a purposeful relationship but a situationship. And for you to hang on with a man for seven years suggests that there is a lot you do not know about yourself and your vision. 
It's never a crime to love anyone, but it's no longer wisdom to wait for a man who doesn't even know where he's headed or what he wants. 
You can love someone so deeply and still move on with your life to marry a more responsible and mature man who is prepared to build a home with you. 
Though you may love him, if he doesn't choose you, you can't force yourself on him. So dust the history of your past and move on with your life. God is never tired of creating amazing men on earth. You only need to draw closer to him and allow him to guide you. 
For the man who is interested in knowing you, please give him the opportunity to express himself, and make yourself approachable. 
Be careful, I will suggest that you don't take risks that may expose you to pregnancy or maybe a loss of life. 
If he's genuinely serious, time will tell. But break away from this captivity you call love, and allow God to bless you with your own husband.

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