Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Should I Give Him some Time or Move On?

Good afternoon ma, may Almighty God bless you for the good work you have been doing in peoples lives. Ma my story is a bit lenghty, please I need an advice from you and your followers, thank you.
I met my boyfriend in 2014 when I was serving, but I met him through social media. When I met him, he was having financial problems, he has to move from Abuja to Owerri. Things were very difficult and hard for him, I stood by him and encouraged him.
As God may have it, he got a job as a store-keeper where he manages, all these while he has promised me marriage, he introduced me to his family.
Problems started last year when I took in for him, he said he wasn't ready for it, but because of the pregnancy he had to come and see my parents, he told my dad he would come back (N/B, my parents were not aware I was pregnant).
Along the line I lost the pregnancy in June last year. We were still in good terms, I even went to his place last Christmas, he never called my parents since then.
Last Easter his mum fell ill, and I told my dad I wanted to go check on his mum but my dad refused and said I should leave the guy that he is not serious, that it's been upto one year he brought wine to him and since then he hasn't heard anything from him.
I called him and told him what my dad said, he got angry and said so because of that my dad refused me from going to see his sick mum. He stopped calling me the way he used to.
I called him last week to know what is going on, he said nothing instead he said that I should give him time but if I feel I can't give him time and I see someone that wants to marry me that I can go ahead.
Am 27 years this year,  Aunty please I need an advice on what to do. Should I move on or give him time like he said? Thank you as I look forward to your advice.

So let's replay this conversation... 
You... Hello sweetie, how are you doing? How is work, family, and business? (you can add all the pleasantries if you wish)

Boyfriend... I'm fine dear hope you are fine too. 

You... Yes love, just that I'm worried about us. 

Boyfriend.. What happened? 

You.. It's been one year plus since you came to see my dad, when are we emmm...? 

Boyfriend... I don't know for now, but just give me some time. But if you can't give me time, and you meet someone else, please go ahead and marry him.

You... Thank you sweetheart, you know that I will always be here for you, but honey when you say that I should give you some time, how long are you looking at? 

Boyfriend... (his answer here should determine what next to do) 

If there's no genuine commitment towards getting married to you in the next twelve months, please let him know how much you love him and then move on with your life. 
There is a huge difference between love and reality of life expecially when you are dealing with someone who is not really committed to the relationship. 
Don't wait for a partner who is not committed to the relationship because time wasted waiting for the wrong partner might as well be sufficient to build your home with someone else. 
You are the best person to decide what is the very best for you.

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