Thursday, May 18, 2017

How Do I Know His Sexual Performance Without Sexual Intimacy?

Good day ma, I appreciate your works and I pray God gives you more wisdom. I have a funny question but I think you are more experienced. Please ma, am a party to this NO SEX BEFORE MARRIAGE as a christian. But I read a post today about the lady who complained of her husband to be performing below three minutes in bed.
Please ma, is there any other way to discover this before marriage. Apart from sleep with a man, are there signs that could show he's sexually okay? 

The basic truth is that every man at one point or the other experiences quick ejaculation. You heard me, I meant every man including the stud that lasts for four hours or more. 
For a man who is a virgin, first sexual experience comes with so much excitement: having the whole of a lady's breast in his mouth, thrusting into the most sacred haven of a beautiful lady, and imagining how he will grind her till she screams his name. 
All these excitements will actually make him drop his sperm before he could make a statement with his penis..
And because the greater percentage of men don't fancy studying about sex and sexual intimacy, they really get off from the wrong side of the bed. 
Also, for men with poor diet and lifestyle, his penis will definitely not stand out on the day of passionate encounter. 
The most important thing to check is whether he's fertile by carrying out a sperm analysis. If he's fertile, both of you can create a performance that you crave for. There is no other way to guage a man's performance except in on the bed assessment.
How enjoyable sexual intercourse is depends greatly on the ability of partners to listen to the verbal and non verbal expression of his/her partner, and your ability to communicate your need and desire in a clearer terms without being shy or 'uncomfortable' being you. 
As long as both of you communicate effectively with each other, and you are pretty sure that he's got a penis and a healthy sperm, I am hopeful that both of you can work through any minor setbacks of quick ejaculation, and bring out the stud in him as the sex goddess.

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