Monday, June 5, 2017

I Want to Send Her Home!

Happy Sunday ma, I have a little problem I know I can't talk to anyone except you. The problem is my wife doesn't

know how to cook, and it is really making me angry. I even told her before we got married that I love food, am so disappointed..
I don't know what to do, am not happy at all, we base in South Africa.
I am thinking of sending her back to her mother so that she will go and learn how to cook. We got married last year, thank you so much for your time ma.

I understand how disappointed you feel about your wife's inability to prepare good meal for you. No matter how you wish to downplay your disappointment, good meal is an essential part of a healthy marriage. 
Thankfully she's very amazing in bed (don't ask me how I know read (This)), which I believe you are getting enough honey from her. 
That's the irony of life, you will never get everything in full supply, but with love, understanding, wisdom, and patience, both of you can work on her inadequacies and support her to be better where she's lacking. 
The moment she became your wife, she became one with you and part of your life. Whatever maybe her inadequacy, I believe that God has prepared you to compliment and support her. 
Since you love good meal and you want your wife to prepare the best meal for you, I'm suggesting that you can make out time every weekend or perhaps whenever you are free to cook together with her. You may convert it to a bonding moment with her and share this part of you that loves good meal with her. 
I believe that she will be forever grateful to you for accommodating and being patient with her. As a bonus, you may even surprise her with a quickie just to spice things up after adding spice to your meal. 
These days there are food channels and blogs that focus on local and foreign dishes which anyone can learn and become a great cook in her home. You can make it an adventurous moment by taking this journey together with her. Research on how to prepare your favorite meal, then go shopping with her and get those spices and ingredients needed for the particular meal. 
When you are done, take her to the kitchen and prepare your meal together with her. Who said that a loving husband cannot groom his beautiful wife on how to prepare great meal for the family? 
It's actually more expensive sending her to her mother to learn how to cook, thereby depriving you of your bed meal than it is teaching her how to cook and supporting her with all the materials she need to become a great cook for you. 
I know that you genuinely love her, this is one way you can show her how much you are willing to accommodate her shortcomings and help her become a better woman and wife to you. 
If she's teachable and willing to improve, please I will suggest that you consider helping her in anyway that you can to improve her cooking skills. That's what love is about handsome. 

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