Wednesday, June 7, 2017

What Could be Her Reason for Quitting the Relationship?

Hello good day Mrs AMARA, friendly greetings to you.. Please there is something that is troubling my mind.
I'm into a relationship that is not up to six months,.. I and this girl are friends on Facebook.
After a series of chats, we met face to face as at December 2016.. We had time and discussed facts because we aren't closer to each other (was undergoing my NYSC and she's still a student but about to graduate)..
Though there are key points she made, her dad is late, she is the first daughter, and she just broke up from her boyfriend who said she must become pregnant before he will marry her.
After series of discussion, owing to the fact that we have been chatting constantly, I made a move that is asking her out, she later accepted..
I sends transport fare to her and she visits me often despite the fact that I earn little, don't have satisfiable source if income, I try my best to make her happy before she go... So far, so good..
Behold, I passed out of service, traveled home...
Me and this girl met..talked like 5&6...
All OF A SUDDEN, SHE SAID SHE CAN'T CONTINUE that she is very very sorry for that..
She sent it as a text massage.
I called, she didn't pick, sent text massages, no response.. And finally she replied telling me same thing that she just want to be alone..
Please sorry for the long story but my question is, 
what could be the reason for such decision? I tried my best to make her happy. I have searched my conscience, I have not provoked her to anger...  I have asked her what gave rise to that decision but she refused to talk..
What could have happened or what have I done wrong?? Thanks, may God bless you and your wonderful scheme
R*** F***

This is what I feel, she may never have loved you but used you to get over her pain. Get this fact right, there are some women who are wonderful and amazing emotional manipulators. They will approach you with all tenderness, deceive you and dump you immediately they find someone else who tickles their fancy. 
You don't need to punish yourself or even think about what she did. She only exposed her real attribute, and you should be grateful that she was open and honest with you. 
Also, it could be that she wasn't comfortable with what she saw in you. As much as men are moved by sight, there are some ladies who have great desire for appearance. If you don't meet up with the mental image of the kind of man they want, no matter what you do to please her, she will definitely leave you some day. 
But the bottom line is, be happy and be hopeful. You're single and you have an amazing future ahead of you. 
Bid her goodbye and trust God for a better lady who will love and cherish you selflessly.

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