Thursday, June 8, 2017

Is This a Dangerous Relationship?

Aunty good morning, please I have a pressing problem here. There is this guy that has approached me, but since then whatever he says
or discusses with people or with me, everybody hears or talks about it.
He has no privacy of life and he is too popular. Is this a dangerous relationship?

A man who cannot bridle his tongue may end up washing his linen in public. Discretion is a virtue because not everything that happens in a relationship or marriage that must be exposed to the world. 
Yes, it is an unhealthy attribute that if not checked will definitely affect you negatively in the future. 
Maybe you should make out time to discuss with him and point out your fear and concern about his attitude. It's possible that he doesn't understand the impact of such attitude in his relationship, and may need some help to overcome that.
If he's defensive and perhaps not willing to change, then you need to decide whether you can manage it or move on with your life.

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