Thursday, June 8, 2017

He Rarely Shares His Plan with Me!

Good day ma, thanks for your wonderful advice, please I need an advice on this. I and my fiancĂ© have plans to settle down this year,  but he hardly discuss his plan on how it will go.
Each time I ask, he says when the time comes he will let me know and if I ask too frequently he tends to get angry.
I feel this should be an important thing to discuss as it involves two people,  not just one person, to enable me plan ahead or am I wrong in asking, should I just sit back and wait till he tells me without asking which I don't know or can't assume when?

Give him some time and space. Truth is there could be some things he's battling with, maybe he's no longer certain of his plans or perhaps comfortable with his decision. There is something he's struggling with which he's yet to reveal to you, and until he does that, you will not be able to discuss anything with him. 
Whenever he feels comfortable to discuss marriage with you, please make sure that you deliberate on what matters most to you before your wedding day. 
Do not under any circumstance rush the process, but be conscious of your decision and discuss whatever your fear, plan or concern may be to avoid regrets.
For now, focus on building yourself and your business, he is the one who proposed so when he's ready he will do the needful. If after six months to eighteen months there is nothing forthcoming, kindly return his ring and move on with your life.

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