Friday, June 2, 2017

Not Comfortable With His Instruction!

Ma please I need your advice. My husband wants me to stay with his parents, he's currently not in Nigeria while am here doing my NYSC. I have a baby that my mum takes care of while I go to work, this made me to stay with my mum for  the time being.
He is insisting I move down to his parents house, I asked him who will help me take care of my child when I go out, he said I will figure it out while am there.
Please I need your advice because I refused going there and is causing quarrels between us. Thank you. 

Both of you would have discussed this, reach an agreement before getting married to him. That way, you wouldn't have found yourself in this mess. I won't be the one that will encourage you to disobey your husband because you are not comfortable with his instructions. 
However, this is the time for you to open up to him and let him know why it will be very difficult for you to stay with his family at the moment. It doesn't mean that you resent his family or that you don't love them as much as you love him, but that it would have been a whole lot better if he was around and not you trying to figure things out when you can't get along with his family. 
Secondly, enlist your reasons to him, let him understand that taking your child to a new environment will definitely affect your program, and you may not be able to get assistance that you need to take care of your baby and your job. 
If he refuses, you should offer an alternative of renting an apartment for you and your baby, but where he refuses that, then you may need to involve your family. 
I am afraid that you may be dealing with a man who may not be considerate enough to allow you stay with your family, and in an event where you resist his instructions as it is, he may do something funny. 
The best option would have been for you to join him wherever he is, but where he's insisting on you moving into his family, you may either choose to obey or suggest alternatives that you're comfortable with.

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