Friday, June 2, 2017

I'm Not Sure He's What I Want!

Good evening ma, may God bless and keep you, Amen. Ma my message will be lengthy, please don't be angry.
By the grace of God I clocked 30 years on the 9th of May 2017 and I thank God for that. I have been out of relationship for the past four years cos my experience wasn't a good one. I told myself to stay cool and wait and never to mess up with any tom, dick and harry that wants to play around.
I met them but couldn't go down with their requests cos I told God that I want to get married. No boyfriend!!!. Am a graduate and working (waiting for a better job instead to being idle).
I prayed and fasted for a life partner.. I got the best gift on my birthday but I don't know if that's what I want!!!. I met this guy May last year.. He made advances at me cos I noticed his closeness to my unit in church.. We worship in the same church. We talk, chat, have  gone out on three occasions, and his mum knows me. 
He proposed to me on my birthday, and I told him to please give me time to pray about it, that am not saying no or yes yet. He agreed and we parted on that day.
Aunty the only thing that pulls me off is that he is not a graduate!!!! Aside that, he is okay.  He is into business and he is trying his best to put food on his table..
Aunty I can't even pray the prayer ooo. Am so weak and lazy to pray about this cos each time I want to pray, I will be weak and remember that he is not a graduate. We have not had sex cos I believe he doesn't want to do anything that will hurt me, he  respects our relationship...
Aunty I have prayed all my life to marry a gradute. I had issues with my sister-in-law. Somebody came in-between us and tried to break us up... It hasn't been easy for me. But I pray that God will bring us all back together again....
My family heard what happend and told me to leave her house and go back to school to do my masters and that will last till eighteen months..
Do I give this guy a chance or move on with my life? Is he an answer from God to my prayers of settling down? If I wait, will someone better come? I am just confused. I have never been confused all my life like this!!!. Help me please!!!!

His thoughts are not our thoughts, because he sees beyond our expectations and gives us what we need not what we want. 
Sometimes God's will may never have all that you expected or imagined, but if indeed he be God's desire for you, you can be rest assured that you will definitely enjoy him. 
I understand the thoughts that's going through your mind and why you seem cold and weak ever since he proposed, but this the best time to seek Him more and allow him to open your eyes to see his content and not his deficiencies. 
Education is a wonderful attribute anyone should desire in a partner but if you genuinely love him and believe in his personality, you can help him acquire the level of education that you desire in your husband. 
Behind this man with a good intention is a man with a story of life challenges, limitations, and unpleasant experiences, and until you get closer to him you may never appreciate his journey. 
If you so desire your husband to acquire higher education, you can discuss that with him, find out if he shares the same vision with you, and make suggestions on how to help him grow in his endeavours and how education will help him achieve more. 
However, if you feel that he's not the kind of man that you desire to grow with as your husband, please let him know and move on with your life. 
In all, please do not take any decision based on what you think you know or his educational background but let your decision be based on your convictions.
As regards to your misunderstanding with your sister-in-law, I want you to see what you are experiencing as a preparation ground for your future exploits. Do not be in a hurry to leave or venture into masters program when you are not prepared for it. Entrust everything to God and allow him to order your footsteps according to his purpose for your life.


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