Friday, June 16, 2017

Should I Wait for Him While Ignoring other Suitors?

Aunty Amara good morning, last year December my roommate introduced me to his cousin, he is a naval officer, so as we got talking he told me that what he wanted was marriage, that he doesn't want to play games then I said okay that we are not going to rush everything.
So during that December he told me that he will be at sea through out December and new year because he is a marine engineer, and also that he will be back by March for his father's memorial.
So since then I have not heard anything about him, by February ending he came online read all my messages but did not reply, even uptill now. I have not heard from him again, and before he left he was like since we are trying to know ourselves, that are I still going to be dating someone else, I said no.
But right now ma am confused, guys are coming but am not taking them serious.  Please ma what should I do? I am 26 years old, going for HND soon, please ma I need your advice. 

Based on the timeline he gave to you, it's obvious that he came back, attended to other things but never had time for you. 
Since he read your messages and never responded to you, I will suggest that you move on with your life. Waiting for a man won't do you any good because he may change his mind tomorrow. 
Don't take yourself out of the dating world because of the promise of a man, they're like the clouds, very unpredictable and unreliable. 
You don't need any prophet to reveal that he's not into you. Simply move on and save yourself from his fairytale.

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