Sunday, June 11, 2017

What Should I Do to Satisfy Him in Bed?

Good day Aunty Amara, and may God keep uplifting you in Jesus name amen. Aunty please all these men complaining that their wives are not good in bed, what are they really looking for?
I overheard my hubby telling his elder brother whom I told of his cheating attitude that he loves his wife so so much but he doesn't know what his problems are, that many times he will decide that he won't flirt again but he finds himself doing it. His brother asked him if his wife do satisfy him, and that is she not good in bed, and to my greatest surprise my hubby nodded and said yes.
Am just confused, aunty I am a very beautiful lady of just 25, I am neat even hubby calls me a dry cleaner in the house cos I am always cleaning and compacting myself for him.
Our sex life is okay cos we have sex at least three times a week. Aunty my question is when a man says his wife is not good in bed, what really is he talking about? How else can I satisfy him when I'll do all the rocking and he cums finally yet he still says I am not good in bed?
Please Aunty Amara am just confused, I want to be the best woman for him, I want be that woman he thinks can satisfy him, I want to learn more about satisfying my man and giving him that pleasure he thinks he is not getting from me.

I have to state categorically that there is absolutely no excuse or reason that is strong enough for a partner to who made a covenant unto God to cheat/flirt with another person while married to his/her spouse. 
Humans may try to justify or explain actions, or analyze it to suit their own selfish and evil intentions. However, what is evil is evil irrespective of how anyone chooses to interpret or modify it. 
That said, there is a huge difference between rocking a man till he cums and satisfying a man's sexual urge. It's just like saying that a man who thrusts so much satisfies a lady. They don't necessarily mean the same. 
When men say they are looking for a woman who is good in bed, they are most likely looking for a woman who is wild enough to make him desire sex, creative enough to make him anticipate sex with her, and selfless enough to explore his fantasy world with her.
How often do you discuss about sex or sexual fantasies with him? When last did you talk dirty into his head and make him see the spoilt beautiful wife that he desires for sex? When last did you give him blow job, and stroke the tips of his penis with pleasure? When last did you moan and talk dirty to him during intercourse? When last did you allow yourself to make love to him like a wild loose woman who is passionate about sex and ready to intoxicate him with sex? 
Do you only present yourself in a seductive way and then wait for the boss to take the lead? How about you take the lead, wake up in the midnight and heat up the passion by taking him unawares? How about turning your shower moment into a heated sex room for both of you? You are neat and beautiful, but how well do you know your husband, especially when it comes to what he desires in a woman? 
If he's the breast man, how about getting some seductive bra and a g-string pant which you can wear in your bedroom, or in the house when nobody is around. 
How about wearing those perfumes that will provoke his penis into action. What about experimenting and exploring different angles and positions to give him huge responsibility in the bedroom. 
There is a need for you to also have a heart to heart discussion with him and find out his kind of tonic and how to drain more juice from his body. Be open to learn, and let him know that you wish to spoil him more in the bedroom. 
Some women are so spiritual that they're afraid to open up and talk dirty during intercourse. Sister, it is not a sin to talk dirty and be wild with your husband and for your husband. You have the license to seduce and explore your sexual fantasy with him with reckless abandon. 
Let him know that you also have a 'German juice', and that your cunt is begging for his 'kinkom'. Stop being too reserved about sex because the wilderness most times is the reason many men pay prostitutes for a romp. 
Be crazy, talk dirty, and feed his fantasy with some sexy packaging, and he will most definitely begin to testify to others about your improvement. 
God has given you all the instruments you need, I only added few suggestion to guide you in your bedmatics with your husband. 
I hope that his penis will get accustomed to your vagina for life. Don't also fail to pray for him in addition to being his sex goddess in your home.

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