Saturday, June 10, 2017

Who Should I Choose Between Both Men?

Good afternoon ma, please I need your advice to choice the right person. In my first year in school in Ghana I entered a relationship with a student,
the guy was not ready for commitment he always told me that if he did not marry me that is God's will, and I should not get angry. He has not given me money before instead I took care of myself till my 300 final semester when I met someone from my place, and we became friends within three months when I went for my Industrial Training (IT) in Nigeria and he asked me for my hands in marriage and sends money for me every month.
When the first guy saw that I have started changing when I came back to Ghana, he became serious, showing care and commitment. He even proposed to me that he has learnt from his mistake, that he doesn't know that certain things can make a woman change and besides we have been dating for three years. Please who should I choose please because I am graduating.

I will suggest that you don't choose any of the two because you don't seem emotionally mature to decide what is good for you. 
You seem to be caught up by the attention and gifts of the second man, and by the romance you receive from the first man. A combination of these two individuals will only make you more confused about what you truly need. 
You said that the second man proposed marriage to you, please what was your response to his proposal? How come you're comfortable receiving his gifts while still having fun with your first boyfriend? 
What really propelled the first man to be committed to you? Competition or Conviction? I fear that it's because of competition. 
Marriage is not a certificate you acquire after graduation, it is a deeper than choosing between two men demanding your attention. You need to take some time to meditate on who you are, what you hope to achieve in life, before thinking about who you need to fulfill your purpose in life. 
You need to realize that your decision today has a huge impact in your career, spirituality, ministry, and overall well-being as an individual. 
Give them some space and find out who amongst the two has those virtues and attributes of the kind of man you desire to grow with for the rest of your life. 
A man who is not sure of God's will shouldn't be around a lady who is prayerfully preparing herself for her husband. And do not allow anyone to buy your conscience with cares and things of life, because you will be living with his personality for the rest of your life. 
Seek the face of God, and allow God to guide you in making the right decision on who to marry. Don't rush it because you are graduating very soon to avoid making a mistake that you will regret in future. 
I feel that you need to put yourself together to avoid being deceived by the cares you get from these men.

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