Friday, June 9, 2017

What Should I Do to Bring Her Back to Me?

Good day and may you remain blessed, I have a problem I want to share with you.
I am writing this with pain in my heart, since a week now I've not been myself, my girlfriend broke up with me and ever since then my life has changed.
I hardly eat nor concentrate, it's all my fault, I have cheated on her, I've been a liar in our relationship, she loves me, care for me and support me, she supports me financially and otherwise. I was taking her for granted till she came to realise that I was being a cheat, a liar and I was a hypocrite.
To tell you the truth I loved her but I don't know how I changed after some months we started dating, now I've seen her importance in my life and I want her back. She told me that she can't be my girl anymore that we should remain friends. I sent my cousin to talk to her and my best friend, still she doesn't want come back to me. 
Now I realized I was foolish, immature to handle some certain situations, please I want her back into my life, it is now I realized what she means to me, I can't imagine seeing her with another man.
If she will come back to me, I will treat her like a queen... Please help me post this, thank you.

As much as I'm tempted to empathize with you, I will be very frank and honest with you. 
When anyone chooses to cheat on his/her partner, he's simply saying indirectly that his/her partner doesn't have all he/she needs to be faithful to him/her. 
Cheating as well as faithfulness is a conscious decision, and if your girlfriend had all these qualities that you mentioned in your mail, why then did you choose to make her feel inadequate, incompetent, and incomplete for you in your life? Why do you have to let her go to realize that she's indeed a treasure you cannot live without?
You may claim to be repented and all prepared to shower her with love if she chooses to reconsider the relationship, but I have one fear in mind. For anyone who is roaming inside the market, there's something he or she is searching for. 
I am of the opinion that you give her some space and take some time to meditate on what you really need in a woman. No need rushing to bring her back, bring your own senses back home.
If you want to flirt around, feel free, and if you wish to explore, go as far as you desire. You just need to be alone and then rediscover what you need in a woman before pleading for her to return to you. 
Just like you, she has emotions and feelings, and she genuinely loves you, but will never compete with other ladies simply because you seem to be enjoying enough flesh in the name of flirting. 
Take your time to find out what drove her away from you, and find out ways to win her heart back to you. She should remain friends with you pending when you are convinced that you are certainly sure of what you want in life and in a woman. 
Give yourself two to three months to meditate critically on this and then decide if she's really good enough; if her breast is succulent enough; if her beauty is charming enough; and if her personality is perfect enough for you before meeting with her to discuss like a mature and responsible man. 
You may encourage her to write to me, but I won't force her to accept a man who seems to enjoy hurting his partner much more than he desires to make her feel loved and happy.
I hope that you get a second chance, but above all I hope that you grow up and learn how to cherish what is priceless because you may never have a second chance to make a better impression.

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  1. Trust is lost once like virginity my bro.She will never trust u again as she used to tho u can get her back.its a lesson to u.


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