Monday, June 19, 2017

Will He be Faithful After Wedding?

Good day ma, I have a boyfriend that proposed marriage to me in December 2012. I told him that we should have some time to pray over it and to know ourselves better because he proposed after some months of meeting him.
In the process of studying him, every time he will post picture of a lady on Facebook, tag the girl and write my baby. People will be asking him when he will marry the girl,he will reply soon.. If I ask him about the girl, he will get angry and say, he has not married the girl and so she is not his wife..
This guy has been begging me since 2012 till today to marry him, and he still posts the lady's pictures on Facebook, and sometimes use her picture as Watsapp display picture.
Because of this marriage, he relocated from Kano where he was, because I was scared of living in Kano because of Boko haram, to Kaduna early this year..
Anytime I ask him about the lady he uses her picture as profile picture, and why he has not married the girl since he loves her enough to be showing her to the world, he will get angry and tell me to stop asking him about the girl, that after all he has not married her..
Ma, please advice me on what to do, whether to go ahead and marry him, but my fear is if he will cheat on me after wedding. He said he loves me, that is the reason why he has not married all these years, and I love him too that is why I am still talking to him..
We quarrel sometimes because of the girl's pictures.. Should I ignore, stop asking him who the lady is, and go ahead and marry him?

It is one thing to make a casual post on Facebook to entertain your audience, but when it is consistent, there is a need for you to find out what exactly is happening. 
Secondly, if he genuinely loves you and desire to marry you as much as he claimed, there is a need for him to be considerate of your emotion and feeling to his actions and inactions. If he's not sensitive to your feeling and peace of mind, I'm worried if he will be able to respect you or be faithful to you. 
So I won't suggest that you ignore this because you have no idea the plan he has for the other lady. 
Let him know what you can tolerate or accept, and what you can't cope with. It is not pride, but being sincere and honest with your emotion. Anything that you know you can't cope with for the rest of your life, please don't ignore it for a wedding band, because you may not have the patience to endure such torture when the romance is over.
It's either he respects your emotion or you consider moving on with your life.

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