Saturday, August 19, 2017

He Spys on my Conversation.

Good day ma. Please I have a man am engaged to and will be getting married by December. Few days ago he travelled for a job in Lagos. He calls to know how I am doing always.
To my surprise, he called last night and asked, "who is the guy that always call you on phone?" I was really confused, I asked how? He said he did something to my phone that makes him listen to all my conversation on phone. I was really angry.
I thought over it last night and I feel this guy dose not trust me. I can't marry someone who keeps checking on me. And I have decided to end it here.
Before now, whenever I mention the word travel, he gets scared. He doesn't want to be travelling at all. Please I need advice ma. Thank you.

When trust is dead, everything is fake. I may not know why he went as far as spying on every of your conversation, but that's an attribute of a control freak and a manipulator. 
I also feel that your relationship wasn't built on the foundation of true friendship which is why he wants to be everywhere you are to protect you from any other man.
You are in the best position to decide if you can cope with his insecurity and jealousy. Maybe you should have a heart to heart discussion with him to know why he doesn't trust you, and to find ways to build his esteem. 
If after due mediation you are not convinced that you can build a future with him, please consider separating from him. It is a whole lot better than getting married and being frustrated in your marriage for lack of trust.

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