Thursday, September 21, 2017

He's Good at Keeping Malice.

I have been in a relationship with a divorced father of two for almost six years and he is yet to marry me. He is 30 years older than me, and he supports me financially even though he lies to me most of the time about some things.
Recently I noticed that the only way he knows how to make me feel bad is by keeping malice with me, sometimes for as long as one month, and I always end up talking to him first.
Just recently he accused me of something I didn't do and I told him that I was innocent but he didn't believe, and went ahead to confirm from my mom.
She told him that I didn't do anything of such and he promised my mum that he was going to call me to apologize but he never did, instead he had stared keeping malice with me again. Mind you he gave me a ring in February but since then he hasn't made any wedding plans.
Please advice me ma. 

Are you really happy in this relationship? Is this man genuinely your friend? Do you think that he trusts or believes in you? Is this man what you want for yourself and can you cope with his personality for the rest of your life? 
What you described to me looks like a master/slave relationship, but I feel that your desire to marry has beclouded your sense of self esteem and value. 
If you decide to marry him, please remember that he is a manipulative man, one who won't believe anytime you say nor trust you for who you are. Remember that you are not his friend but his slave and you are meant to submit/serve him as your master. 
Since he has given you a ring, you are in the best position to decide whether his ring is worth your happiness. You are the only person who can tell if getting married to him is in your best interest. 
Just so you know, if he's manipulative now, he cannot change after wedding.

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