Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Could it be that He's Interested in Sex and not Marriage?

Good morning ma, please I need your help on this matter. I met my town guy on Facebook, we started talking, exchanged phone number, chat on Whatsapp.
He said he wants to settle down as soon as possible.
He said he likes me and will like to settle with me, he invited me to where he lives in Port Harcourt which i refused, so finally he came down to Onitsha to see me.
I am very happy, he is okay, so I decided to tell him my little secret which is that am a single mom of one girl although not married before. After that day, he went back to his base, he calls me every day.
Now he is inviting me to his place next month, but am scared, all he talks about these days is sex all the time, no more marriage talk, all is sex. I am scared of visiting him, please advice me as your daughter. 

Like you already know, taking the responsibility of a child is not as sweet as having sex with a man. After having a beautiful daughter, you may need to be extremely careful when dealing with men, especially when you are dealing with one who's intention/interest is not clear. 
I won't tell you whether to visit him or not, but I will suggest that you don't expose yourself to the same experience that brought your daughter. 
If you decide to visit him, please protect yourself from sexual manipulation, especially if you are not ready for sexual intercourse. 
When a man is much in a hurry to marry, especially when you are yet to know his personality, he may be using marriage as a ploy to get in-between your legs, and when a man talks so much about sex after a date, he maybe horny for sex. 
Beware, be careful and be wise. 

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