Sunday, September 17, 2017

Is Hubby Having an Affair with my Mum?

I have been married for like four years now, and I have been observing some characters from my hubby.
I use to school at Dubai before I got married, I had to leave Dubai because I was married and my husband couldn't continue the fees because he was not very rich.
That was not really my problem, I was not really in love with him but because of the pressure from my mum, I had to consider him because, according to my mum,  he was a nice guy. I didn't see it as anything because a mother sees beyond.
When I came back from Dubai to Nigeria, I saw this text message on my mum's phone which was sent to her by my hubby to be then
which said,

'' I call you most times to stop my libido, I love you my sweetness ""

I confronted him and he said it was nothing, but my problem now is their chats.

The way he feels so troubled when she does not call him, the name he calls her when they are chatting, like the love of my life, my love, sweetness, fine woman, they way they talk about sex and lovemaking makes me wonder  what is really happening?
When I have some misunderstanding with him, it takes him like forever to notice that am not happy but when she (my mum) have a little misunderstanding, it beats him like snake. 
This is becoming a burden to me but I don't know who to confront.
I am a good cook, but he never tells me how well I did, but with my mum that is not the case. 

The obvious is very clear to both the blind and the deaf. Your husband is in love with your mother while married to you. 
Quite shameful, detestable and annoying that you are in the middle of this betrayal from your own mother and the pig you call husband. 
My suggestion is simple, encourage your husband to marry your mother officially instead of hiding under your cover to romance with your mother. 
As for your mother, I will suggest that you don't have any word with her because it is simply not necessary. Then separate yourself from both of them and focus on building yourself. 
You cannot pretend not to understand what your husband is doing with your mother. In fact I suspect that they brought you into the picture so that nobody would discover their hidden romance. 
What kind of mother-in-law discusses sex with her own son-in-law if she's not having sex with him?
You need to let your husband know that you cannot tolerate such rubbish, and then make your decision known to him. 
This is horrible and detestable too, and to imagine that you tolerated this for four years, you must be a virtuous woman.

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