Wednesday, September 13, 2017

I Am Afraid to Approach a Lady for Fear of Rejection and Heartbreak!

Good evening big sis, I am an ardent follower of your page and I love to read every comment and advice here, and as such I have learnt a whole lot.
My problem is that I am too emotional, and I have fallen so many times for girls who only act like they do love me but they truly don't.
I have sacrificed my time, my ego, and even my life on so many occasions, yet I get nothing but heart break.
Now I don't even have the effrontery to approach a girl let alone asking her out. I have dealt with my low self esteem before now but I can't even make a move cos of fear of rejection and heart break.
I love deeply and I think that's how and where my weakness lies. Please I need your candid advice. 

Loving deeply is never a weakness, loving foolishly is. 
One thing you must do as a matter of urgency is to realize how amazing, awesome, handsome, and adorable you are. 
Any man who approaches a lady with good intentions of love, genuine respect, and sincere vision for a purposeful and a profitable relationship should be very proud of himself irrespective of the outcome of the venture. 
You should also learn how to give considerable space to a lady to help you discern the thought and perception of your partner or friend towards you. 
Don't push yourself into a lady or get too lovey-dovey that you fail to realize that she may not be into you. 
Even if she doesn't accept your proposal, it doesn't in any way diminish your virtues as a man, nor does it mean that you have so many flaws that made her refuse to date you. 
You need to understand that loving is a choice, and every lady have a choice of the kind of man they desire as a husband. 
So be a man who doesn't reduce your value or personality to impress a lady. Be a man who places great premium on yourself and is approachable by all. 
Package yourself with elegance and dignity, and love with your conscience. Don't project yourself as a man who is love-starved, some ladies may feel scared with your attitude; instead love with some level of space and freedom. 
Give a lady some time to fall in love with you, and if she's not reciprocating your love, please take a walk. 
Make healthy friends with ladies, and avoid fixing all your attention on one lady, especially when she doesn't make you her priority. 
Be open, be free, and be fulfilled in yourself, and you will attract the kind of lady who will genuinely love and respect you for who you are. 
Don't give up on love or in yourself, and don't let the few ladies who left you make you feel that over eight billion single ladies will reject you. 
You are more beautiful inside, and all you need is to take your time and build a friendship with that special lady who will genuinely appreciate you for who you are.

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