Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Am I Possessed by Spirit Husband?

Good morning ma.... Please help me post this, please what are one meant to experience in the first five to ten years of marriage... Because my own seems I have experienced more than people who are almost ten years in this journey....
On Saturday I got a call from my mother telling me how she went to a church and a pastor was telling her how I have marine spirit abiii spirit husband on hearing that I shunned her off never to tell me any of that again, she said she was going to call my husband to tell him that I should look for church and do deliverance.

Hmmmm I told her not to cross her boundary by calling him but she went ahead at my back called and was telling him all sort of things... The next day he came asking me what did my mother tell me, I pretended as if I did not hear him, he started talking all sorts of things like I am the cause of his problems, that he is working and doesn't have savings, that am the cause of our son's health challenge. I made him not to have affection that seriously what my mom was talking about could be true...
In fact our house was hot and hell on Sunday for the first time we fought in two years of marriage and said he regretted marrying me, if he had known some things he will not even marry me. Calling me a prostitute what I did not on Sunday was eeehhh... This was the same guy that called the mother last two months when we had a little misunderstanding telling her all sorts of bad things about me, when we make up I was asking him why will he tarnish my name before his mother, he said he was angry that's why he said all that.... Please ma,can you imagine that?
I called him a weak man on Sunday because he cannot handle issues,he will keep involving third parties into this marriage... He pushed me to the bed, pressed my neck and was slapping my face and hitting me, God saved him I would have given him a mark that he won't forget because no man have ever raised his dirty hands to touch me.
In April this year when my son was admitted,this same my mother kept pressurizing us to come to one church that his case is not a hospital issue that it was spiritual. We left the hospital, abandoned the deposit we have made and traveled to where my parents were. We ended up spending almost N100,000 including transport in that church yet no result...
For the first time I was deceived because I don't welcome all those church stuff.. Till today my husband never stopped complaining about that incident.... Now when he wants to make call, he will go to the staircase so that I won't hear what he is saying...
A lot of things have gone wrong... His insults are three much for me to bear, because he can't even protect me from outsiders, he have never defended me for once... Please someone that has the marine spirit, will the person be a prayerful woman, will the person love things of God and many more... Will I also be suffering my own self and keep myself in a bad situation... Do you know that I gave birth through cesarean section? Last year October, my son was born with hydrocephalus, all these while I have been in the hospital. I spent six months in the hospital because the first surgery failed, we had to go back for admission, my son is a living testimony.... He is a great child... This child went through hell for three months on antibiotics injection.. Crying*
After discharge in a teaching hospital, the bill was something else.. up till now we are indebted.. I want to pour out my heart because I am heavy, I have stopped the little work I was doing,I am at home taking care of this innocent child till he comes up a little and recover fully... If I have marine spirit like they said, will I be suffering myself too or punishing my lovely son? Exclude prayer from your advice because am a prayerful woman, my younger brother was helping us to do a small business, last month he left with our money after all the insult he poured on us. He carried customers' money and ran away.... When he was here, he kept insulting me even telling me he will beat me up and my husband will not do anything.... My husband heard that and was silent rather he was blaming me... Where did I go wrong and who did I offend? I am going crazy right now because I got a text for an interview and want to leave to another state, thank you ma...

Pressures of life and the responsibilities in a home have a way of bringing out the unpleasant attributes of an individual. One of your enemies in your marriage is the influence of third parties of which your mum is painfully the most destructive in your marriage.

When a mother-in-law starts meddling with the marriage of her own child, she's working hard to destroy the home of her child. The painful truth is that your husband has no respect or regard for your personality as a result of your mother's fake prophesy. Painfully, you allowed her to brainwash you into wasting the meager resources your husband had in the hands of fraudulent pastors.
At this point, there is a need for you to consider separation if your husband continues with his violent tendencies.Your child is too tender to be in the midst of two violent adults. You and your husband need to sit down and meditate on ways to strenghten the bond of love and unity in your home.
Though things may be hard, it doesn't in any way mean that both of you should fight each other, instead , now is the best time to unite and give your son the best support and attention that he needs. Please do not use harsh words on your husband or tell him things that will break his heart, it is not easy on him and I want to believe that he haven't forgotten the foundation of your journey.

Dear husband,

In marriage, you must experience the unpalatable challenges of life, it doesn't in anyway mean that your wife is the cause of it. I can categorically tell you that your wife doesn't have any stupid marine husband. She is neither possessed nor is she the reason your son was born with hydrocephalus.
It is only a weak man that exposes the weaknesses of his wife to his mother or others, and under no condition or circumstance should you hit your very own wife. What if she dies out of your hitting or sustains major injury? What if she hits you and you sustain a major injury or die in the process? What exactly has your wife done to warrant this military and unhealthy attitude to her?
Why expose your wife to your mum? Why not resolve your misunderstandings with your own wife or at worst with a trained counselor? Why scatter your very own home? Why entertain negative information against your wife?
I want you to know that the success of your home is a function of your decision and your attitude to your wife, please do not allow the devil to use you to destroy your marriage.
I believe that both of you have all it takes to manage the health of your son and your finances. Please join hands with your wife and build a home that is filled with peace, love and unity.


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