Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Should I Revenge by Exposing my Ex's Relationship?

Good morning Aunty Amara. There is this guy I just broke up with because I found out that hes a chronic cheat. He sleeps with both married and single women. He has been dating this pastor lady who is married to a pastor of a big church in my state.
He has been telling this woman that he doesn't have any girlfriend. He has been lying to the woman so he can be collecting more money from her. Even when the woman asked him on phone if he has a girlfriend, he keeps telling her that he doesn't. 
One day I asked him to introduce me to the woman as his girlfriend since he said she's his god mother.  He made a statement 'which girlfriend', that was when I realised that he's sleeping with her.
Should I walk up and tell the woman that we have been dating or tell her husband about who the wife has been sleeping with.
I have chats of where the guy asked the woman to get pregnant for him and give her husband the child.
Should I forget telling her and allow karma deal with them? The man is well known man because of his church. What should I do? What if one day she gives the man HIV. Seriously I wanted a revenge. Thank you

What's the benefit of taking a revenge? What impact will your plot make in your life and future?
You have already done the needful which was to liberate yourself from him, the next best thing to do is love yourself and give the best in your endeavours. Then open your mind to love and relationship. 
Whatever he chooses to do with the pastor's wife is their business, and you are neither responsible nor accountable to anyone for their choice in life. 
Focus on becoming a beautiful, better, and happier woman, and avoid investing so much energy fighting the shadow of your past.


  1. To me, I'll let the Pastor's wife know that what she is doing is not right as a Pastor wife & let her know if it was her husband doing this; will she be happy?. This I'll do if I really I know my ex is dating her.


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