Sunday, October 22, 2017

Can A Man with Weak Erection Impregnate a Lady?

Good day ma.  How are you doing ma? Please  ma, help me am worried.
A man who has weak erection can he impregnate a woman? Can he perform well in bed?
The way courtship life is temporily, is it the same way it wil be when one gets married to that same person he courted.
Even though the fiance wil apologize to become a better person? Am worried ma.

Mum another thing I discovered is that men do take me for granted initially.  I will quitely quit the relationship. But when the are ready to settle down, they will come and be seeking for my hand in marriage.
My mind will be telling me, the way they treated me during courtship, that is how they will continue to treat me in marriage too.
But I don't know if am wrong. Please educate me. Help me. Thank you ma.

I don't think there is a need for the second paragraph of your mail since you already have a fiancĂ©, if I understood you well. 
Weak erection means that Johnbobo stands but he doesn't stand out strongly when he is to perform his duties. 
If he has good sperm count, definitely he can impregnate a lady. All he needs to do is watch his diet, take some supplements, exercise his body, and have sex as often as possible. 
There are some men that have high sugar content which makes it difficult for Johnb to stand out. There are also some men who do short-term activities with other ladies, that when they meet their partner, johnbobo will be battling with strength. 
Fresh ginger mixed with garlic and moringa will perform the magic. He can also take unripe plantain, and minimize his sugar intake. 
Give him some time to master how to drive your car, and who knows, things will hit up with time. Even after wedding, there are some times men lose their signals or have weak connection. It's part of the package, so don't panic... Lol 
As for your second complaint, the answer is simple. If they're not serious enough to make a commitment, delete every trace of their existence from your mind. 
You should be so busy with yourself, that you don't have the time to entertain those who are loitering around your life. 
You deserve better than nepa-kind of men.

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