Friday, October 20, 2017

Was I Wrong for Demanding for Her Password?

Good evening Aunty. Have you been well? My regards to your family. I bless God for the wisdom he bestowed in you and your fans, please help me.
I just got into a new relationship after four years with someone on Facebook ( I have not met her before but we clicked). With all humilty, we are a month old in our relationship, she's in Nigeria while I'm based outside.
So, along the line I asked for her Facebook password, and she bluntly refused saying "I should come and marry her if I want her Facebook password"
I even said I would give her mine but she bluntly refused. My question is did I do wrong in asking for her PW(pasword)?

"NB" we all changed our Facebook relationship statues and even uploaded photos of each other on our various pages and I made it clear I was for a serious relationship and truly it's true.

So what do you want? Facebook serious relationship or a real life serious relationship? If you want a serious relationship, you don't get it by posting her pictures on all pages but you first work towards meeting her in person. 
I know that you are seriously in love with her, and I also want to remind you that camera beauty and pictures is not always the same with the real identity of a lady. 
Secondly, why ask for her password? Do you want to have a heartbreak? Don't you know that there will be other guys like you who may be appling to be her boyfriend or even husband? Will you be able to contain all the toasting messages she receives everyday? Lol 
Anyways, I don't think it's necessary, especially not now that both of you are just getting to know each other. It portrays you as an individual who is insecure. 
Allow her to be herself, don't push her to the corner where she may end up being fake to you all through the dating phase, only for her to reveal her real identity after wedding. 
Take things slowly, leave all those passwords and her privacy out of your friendship and focus more on understanding her personality. When the time is right, both you can decide how you wish to operate your social media accounts. 
If she's cool with it, then both you can share your passwords, but if she's not cool with it, it doesn't make her an insincere individual. 
Take things slowly boss so that you can learn a lot more about her personality and vision in life and in the relationship.
Build your friendship on virtues and values that will sustain your relationship and/or marriage, not on irrelevant issues like social media passwords and conversations.

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