Friday, October 20, 2017

I'm Down and Depressed Right Now!

I'm really down and losing it right now, good afternoon ma. Please I don't know how you will help me I just need divine advice and intervention right now.
We had our introduction in 2014, after which my husband went for a  long time course due to his nature of work. After our Introduction, I got pregnant, my baby will soon clock a year.
But anytime we have misunderstanding, I'm always the one to beg, even if I'm right and even if he's wrong. He likes keeping malice at any little misunderstanding which I'm not comfortable with, so I've resorted to doing the begging always.
He's a smart cheat, but last year I decided never to go through his phone anymore to avoid heart attack, but days ago one of his girlfriend called him and I confronted him but instead of him to do the needful, he started raising insults on me.
The malice started again till yesterday night I went on my knees to beg him again, but he told me he's no more interested and he meant it. In fact according to him, our wedding is  supposed to be this year but he said it's canceled. He also made it known to me that I'm the best that any man could have. Also, he'll be taking care of his child and he's not chasing me out of his house....
I'm not working at the moment, I resigned from my job when I got pregnant. I've been crying all day. How can I just keep mute anytime I see him cheating on me? This is beyond me. His parents are separated and it's really affecting him.
Please I need prayers and divine advice. I don't have a job and no where to stay, and I can't leave my baby with him. I've prayed and prayed, it's as if God is too silent on my matter.. Thanks ma. 

I pray for the courage to liberate yourself from this toxic relationship. I pray for the will to break away from an emotional manipulator and mental oppressor. I pray that your eyes will be opened to the danger/death ahead of you, so that you can run without looking back. 
I know that you are in pain and frustrated as a result of what you are going through. Yes, I can predict that you are worried about what people will say about you having a baby outside wedlock, and that you have already told your girlfriends and relatives that you will be getting married pretty soon. 
But you know what? I am concerned about your happiness as a lady and your safety as a human being. If you continue kneeling down to lick his buttocks, how long do you hope to do that? If you continue to patch up with this mess, for how long will you keep up with it? 
You may not understand why this is happening to you, but I see God liberating you from what will end up ruining your life and destiny. 
Not having a job now is what you can fix, not having a place to stay is also something you can fix, but subjecting yourself to an abusive partner is what you must avoid because you may not be alive to tell your story, if any. 
Wake up, you are stronger than your current circumstances, and you have all you need to overcome anything life throws your way. 
Accept his decision and start working towards leaving him. Start applying for job opportunities, think of business opportunities, and gather all the funds you need to rent an apartment, no matter how little it may be. 
Consider leaving that toxic relationship, and think of ways to empower yourself financially and in every other aspect of your life. 
Will it be easy? Definitely not, but it is a whole lot better than kneeling everyday to be manipulated by another human being in the name of marriage. 
I end my advice with another prayer, may God not allow you to be subjected into the devil's den in the name of marriage. 
What is manifesting in your relationship is a subtle revelation of what will happen after wedding. I pray that you don't fall victim of this all because you feel that you have a child and you feel that the world will kill you if you choose to walk away.
It is a whole lot better to be a single mother than a miserable wife to a despicable man.


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