Monday, October 16, 2017

How Does My Brother Terminate His Affairs with a Married Woman?

Amara, good evening.
How would you advice your married 40-years old younger brother on this? He's having an affair with a 50-years old married woman. Every attempt to end the relationship always proves abortive.
The woman has said that without your brother she would die. And that always plays out anytime he ends the relationship. The woman's sickness and pains will make him go back.
He's so confused and helpless. He's afraid of causing the woman death or terminal ailment, as evident anytime they have issues. Please advice.
Thank you.

They both need counseling session because she's psychologically dependent on him, and breaking such bond at old age will most likely rattle every aspect of her life. 
Should he continue to be a slave to her emotions? Nope, and until he stands up and takes a decisive step to end the relationship, he will be drained emotionally, sexually and financially. 
It's the worst kind of relationship, unfortunately he brought it upon himself, so he must seek help with psychotherapist to enable him separate from her and regain his sanity. 

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