Monday, October 23, 2017

Should I Marry a Tight-Fisted Man?

Good afternoon ma.
My relationship ended in March this year with no viable reason at all. I wrote to you about it then. I was supposed to get married this month. Sometimes I feel so bad and empty. I really don't know how to put how I feel into writing.
Right now, I have another suitor.  We started courting three months ago but I think this guy is tight fisted.
Since we started courting, he has never ever helped me out with as a little as ₦1000.
Few weeks back, I was in dire need of a token amount of money. I asked him. He didn't say anything. After some time I asked him again, he asked for my account number and I sent it.  Since then till now, he didn't send it neither did he ask me how I was able to meet that particular need.
I am a working class lady and very independent but I believe a man should be able to care for his lady no matter how little he gives her. I don't know if it is because I am working that is why he doesn't care.
Aunty Amara, I don't know if it is too soon to decide but I don't think I want to end up marrying a man who will not be able to care for his family even though he is capable of doing it. Please advise me. Thanks

A giver gives, a stingy person doesn't. No matter how you want to excuse him, the simple truth is that he doesn't give nor care about anything about you. 
My concern is, why marry a man who doesn't care about you? He neither gives nor is he interested in the project called 'you'. 
Perhaps his only concern is your laps, and he's using marriage to exploit you. 
Wake up now it's too early, to avoid regrets in the future.


  1. Well for me don't be too quick to judge him coz u don't know his past experiences with women.I believe that kind of man can empty his account if he is sure u r genuine. I believe he does not want to be a victim of his past experience. So I would suggest u be patient and watch and also prove to him he is in save hands then relax and see

  2. You can browse through if you need an advice. I hope your relationship with this man is not the last one.

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