Friday, October 13, 2017

Should I Tell His Siblings about His Cheating Habit?

I've being following your page for a while and have not had the boldness to send in my story, maybe one day I will, to encourage somebody but now I just need you and your readers opinion on this.
I have this guy but I got to understand that he is cheating on me but he denies it. I have not caught him in the act but I know that every time he travels, he meets up with the girl(s). He hardly picks my calls when he goes to that particular town and after several hours he'd call with excuses such as my phone was on silent or I was in a noisy place etc.
The way he acts with his calls and how he suddenly wants to take a stroll or go to the restroom after getting a call also gives him away. It made me begin to be disgusted by him and I started nursing evil thoughts. Overall he's a great guy but I can't deal with unfaithfulness and I confronted him on several occasions and he insists on blaming our unhappiness on me for not trusting him and said he needs a break from me.
It's been more than two weeks without him calling, and my friend persuaded me to call him, I did and he said he's had no call credit to call(he's unemployed).
His family believe he's a saint but with the little evidence that I've gathered, I want to tell some of his siblings or they'd just believe am the problem, is that sensible? Would that be productive? I really do want the relationship but not with him cheating, please let me hear your views. Thank you

Telling his siblings about his shortcoming won't be effective or production in checking his cheating habit. 
And there is no need for you to continue to manage a cheat when you can as well be single and pray for a faithful man. 
The real challenge with dating a cheat/irresponsibility man is that you live everyday of your life with uncertainty and you can never predict what will happen at any point in your relationship. 
Here is my suggestion, if you have evidence of his cheating habit, and you have no peace of mind or happiness in the relationship, please consider quitting the relationship. 
You deserve happiness not too many drama all in the name to prove that you are a good woman.

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