Tuesday, January 9, 2018

How Do I Cope with Four Individuals in a Single Room?

Good evening ma, I am a lady of 30 years old, married for about five years now, and I have two kids. I am living in a room self-contained with my husband and two kids, and for about a year and half now my husband's elder brother has been staying with us in a room, and my husband is not doing anything about it.
Each time I talked about it, he will tell me that he has known his brother before me, even in some cases him and his brother will start abusing me.
I have not known peace and happiness ever since he has been with us, and I am thinking of quitting the marriage cos I am feld up. Please advise me on what to do. Thank you ma

One single room for husband, wife, two children, and also a brother-in-law? Where is your privacy, and how on earth do you share intimate moment with your husband? 
I understand that you and your husband can steal some moment when your children are sleeping or when they are in school or playing in the compound, but I am trying to imagine how five individuals adapt in a single room. 
The truth is, there is nothing like marriage if there is no privacy for the couple. Secondly, the influence of your brother-in-law will definitely have a negative impact in your marriage. 
Quitting your marriage may not be the best option here, but you certainly need financial empowerment to enable you get a decent accommodation for yourself and your children. 
You may need to consider seeking temporary accommodation in your family, pending when your husband agrees to separate his brother from your home. 
Also, there is need for you and your husband to seek for counseling with those he respects, so that he can make amends and take charge of his family. 
This is the best time for you to buckle up and get something doing, because you cannot afford to depend on a man who doesn't seem to have any vision for his family. 

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