Wednesday, January 10, 2018

His Grade and Command of English Irritates Me!

Please ma, I need your advice too. I'm 30 years dating a guy of 32 years old. He loves me more than I love him. He loves God.
I am becoming irritated by the day due to his command of English and his class of degree. He got Third-class degree honours in Physics while I got Second-class degree honors in Economics.
He has gone to see my parents last Christmas. I'm not happy anytime I remember the way he speaks and his class of degree. I know very well that my siblings will not approve of him once they get to know his class of degree. Because of that I refused to tell them.
Presently, he is not working but he owns a Printing press which he used to help himself and everyone around him. I have not gotten a meaningful job since my service year three years ago.
He has been supporting me financially. 

The world's youngest billionaire is a Havard university drop-out, many successful entrepreneurs were never first class graduates, nor do they have the mastery of English language. 
Success is never a product of your degree in college but your creativity, innovation, skills, and hunger to convert opportunities into wealth, and bring solution to problems of humanity. 
Your partner may have poor communication skills, but it hasn't limited him from being able to meet his needs and even provide for you who studied Economics but hasn't gotten a tangible job. 
He may have graduated with poor grades, but he has proven beyond words that he is a responsible man who doesn't wish to be employed but has created business opportunity in Printing and Publication. 
If I were to suggest, I would suggest that you work on your mindset that makes you feel that those with low grades are failures, and that those with poor command of English shouldn't be appreciated when compared to those with great command of English. 
I will also suggest that you focus more on getting a good job for yourself, so that you can also support your husband's business or career vision. 
HOWEVER, if you are so ashamed of him that you don't feel comfortable getting married to a third-class graduate with a poor command of English, please don't punish him for no reason in the name of marriage, instead it will be best for you to terminate the relationship so that you can marry your own kind of man. 
Again, remember, that you are not getting married for your siblings, but for yourself, so do not get married to a man who is acceptable to your friends/family but not compatible with you. 
Weigh your priorities and go for what you feel is the best option for you.

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