Wednesday, January 24, 2018

She Insults Me but I Love Her!

Happy Sunday Aunty Amara. I have been in a relationship for the past five years, the last four years have been hell because she also finds one avenue or the other to insult me and always quarrel.
She insults me in front of her friends and mine at will. I have clothed, sheltered, and fed her for the past four years.
Each time I talk about marriage, she will insult me that I do not have money, but at least I earn ₦80,000 in a month.
If I can feed and cloth her for four years, is it that I cannot build family? My friends have all advised me to let go and rebuild my life, but I love her so much.
She will be 32 years by March. Aunty please I need your advice.

There are wonderful people on earth that are beautiful/handsome or lovely but they are not ripe for marriage, their age irrespective. 
Loving them is not a problem, but if you genuinely wish to get married and experienced peace of mind, you must leave them and marry another individual. 
You are dating an irresponsible, immature, beautiful lady, who by all you have described in your mail will only destroy you, should you go ahead and marry her. 
Why are your friends suggesting that you consider terminating the relationship? 
It is because there is no respect to your personality, and appreciation for your commitment to the relationship. 
It is also because you are expecting too much commitment from a lady who is clearly not prepared to build anything tangible with you. 
You may also think that you love her but getting married to her will only make you carry a burden that is worse than your love can carry. 
So listen to your friends, beauty is not edible, and if after four years of your commitment to this lady, you couldn't achieve anything tangible together with her, please stop wasting your emotion, resources, and time with her, and pray for a lady who will not look down on you but build a beautiful future with you. 
It may hurt you, but you will definitely smile when you meet that woman who will appreciate your efforts and commitment to make things better for both of you. 
You deserve better than the insults, jabs, and abuse you get from an immature lady.
Your salary is not the problem, if you have a partner who shares the same vision and commitment with you, both you can work together and build a happy home with your salary and support from your partner. 


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