Friday, January 26, 2018

How Do I Claim Custody of my Child Without any Drama?

Good morning ma, please there is something bothering me.
There is this girl I was dating and she took in for me and we were going on very well, but on the 24th of December 2017, she told me she was going for Christmas in her village, and she will be coming back the next day which she never did.
She stayed for close to two weeks, and I had to go look for her, that was when she opened up to me that her Introduction has been done with another man. I asked her how about the pregnancy, she started crying and said she will clean up the mess, that she knows the true father of her child, that I shouldn't be worried, that she will come back with my baby at the right time.
Her mum has never been in support of my relationship with her, and the pregnancy is about eight-months.
How do I go about this whole thing in a very mature way cos I know the pregnancy belongs to me, and right now she moved her belonging to the guys house cos of the pressure from her mum.

First, keep track of her movement and location at every point of her pregnancy. 
Once she puts to bed, kindly request for a DNA test, this should be done in agreement with your ex. 
Once it is confirmed that you are the biological father of her child, you will then plan with your ex when to take custody of your child. 
Perhaps, you may need not to involve your family until you have done all the due diligence. 
You don't need to be perturbed about anything, once her child is yours, she can't transfer your child to another man. 
Should she resist your attempt to claim your child, then you may need to consider going through legal means to get the custody of your child.


  1. Aunty there is no court in Nigeria who will grant this man custody of a baby, the child will be with his mother until he's 6 years old. He should also consider the mother's feelings, why does he want to collect a new born baby? Can he breastfeed? After DNA he should concentrate on giving financial and moral support until the child is of age.

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