Thursday, January 4, 2018

What Should I Do to Conceive for Him?

Good morning ma, please I need your advice. I have been dating this guy for the past eight months, and he is serious with me and wants to marry me, but the problem is his mom
wants me to get pregnant before his son can marry me.
I have been trying to get pregnant but it is not working out. His mom is seriously disturbing me and I do love this guy so much. It is hard for me to leave him.
Please I am confused here, what should I do?. Help me post this please

Since you are comfortable with getting pregnant before marriage, these suggestions will help you achieve your goal. 

1. Pregnancy is a product of a motile, high sperm count of a man and the healthy egg of a woman that has no infection or any complication that may hinder her from taking in. 

2. Pregnancy is not what a man can fix, it is not the sperm and the egg that makes babies, there is a spirit that perfects sperm and egg which gives a woman the pregnancy she desires. 

3. To achieve your vision, you and your partner needs to visit a doctor and carry out some examinations, sperm analysis, and vagina examination. 

4. If he has a low sperm count, it will be difficult for him to impregnate you and will need to be on supplements to boost the sperm quality. 

5. If both of you are medically healthy, then you need to improve on your sex position and timeline for sexual intimacy. 

6. Missionary position, doggy position, are effective for people who are looking for pregnancy. 

7. It's best to meet your spouse during your ovulation period, that is the horny period in a woman's cycle. It is the time her vagina secretes slimy milky discharge. For some they may have an abdominal pain or fever or irritation. Meet your spouse by 12 midnight of your ovulation, and lay on your back for some minutes after having sex with him. 

8. Relax your mind, and enjoy sex. If pregnancy happens, be grateful, but if it doesn't happen, be patient. 

9. Should your partner decide to leave you because you didn't get pregnant for him, please count it all joy, because a marriage built on the foundation of your getting pregnant will make you a slave to pleasing him and his family, and also put all the blame or challenges in your marriage on you. 

10. I would have said that this is a desperate means to get married, but this is your choice, your life, and your decision, and the best I can do is wish you the very best. 


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  3. I won't be suprised she will come back here sooner than later to say the Mother in law has brought another lady for the boyfriend... Girl stop being desperate pls you deserve more than this..


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