Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Our Bedroom Life Frustrates Me!

Hello good morning mummy...
Please ma... from the last advice you gave me... I decided and kept working on loving my first guy E... Trying hard to leave prince Murray who is a Muslim and chronic womanizer, though he really love me because he has and is still willing to do more to ensure my happiness but regarding to advice for peaceful marriage. (Read Here)
E is faithful but each time I try getting close to him, I find out he is a one minute man which really frustrates me because he keeps taking me up and hanging me there... It's making me think of going back to prince Murray who has been crying for me to return to him.
Mom, please is there any solution to make my guy last longer even if for thirty or forty five minutes because I can't keep taking this like this and he is planning on getting married to me by Easter, but I don't want it till this is corrected.
Please Mom, help me out on solution.
Do you know that when he can't even penetrate me if I get too tight, he will be hard oh but on struggling to penetrate me, he will just cum on me, not even inside, and once he ejaculated, his prick will squeeze up.
Ma please I am in hell.
It's really frustrating and he is a nice guy and not a cheat but this his weakness drives me mad.
Please ma I need advice from you and your pals... On what he can do to be a capable man.
It hurts him too but no solution is working through fruits eating and avoiding sugar. Yet otu awu nezi (non works).
Am very sad, though I used to enjoy him like this when we started but ever since he left me and I met prince Murray who loved me and really want to marry me till date... haba my body no be the same again, and he is really trying hard and now his work doesn't even give him time to go find solution. .. Although he already book appointment with a doctor soon but I am worried.
Please ma, I don't want to cheat after marriage as I never did such while dating ...
I really need help for my guy and I.

First of all, let me appreciate you for being blunt, absolutely honest, and real about your sexual challenge. The real problem is that many people are shy about expressing their sexual needs or challenges, thereby making it very difficult for them to get assistance. 
That said, please do yourself and your partner this favor of not comparing him with any other man on earth or building any form or kind of hope with Murray. 
If you genuinely want to build a future with E, then you need to give your whole commitment, sacrifice, and patience to make your relationship/marriage what you desire in it. 
Let me give you this shocker, every man on earth, including the ones that will be given birth to tomorrow, were once one minute man, they once ejaculated on the body of a woman out of extreme excitement. Sexual confidence and greater performance for men comes with more sexual intercourse, and ability to understand the body of his partner, connect with her, and use verbal, physical, and emotional communication skills to satisfy her sexual needs. 
So what your boyfriend needs is tips on how to control his excitement and handle your vagina in the way/manner you desire. 
I will suggest that you encourage him to write to me so that I can guide him through sex 101 for men, and how he can give a woman pleasure that will make her extremely jealous of seeing him talk to another lady, and also make her blush uncontrollably whenever she's with him. 
He doesn't need to meet a medical doctor, he only needs my tutorials, and you will realize that there is so much he has to offer to you. 
One of the reasons why you are in love with Murray is because he knows how to handle your body in bed. And all you need is to give E some time to learn the rope and you will never have any dull moment with him. 
So please encourage him to write to me, and I will take things from there. 
If he has sustainable erection, then we can work on his sex mindset to enable him use his penis to give your vagina some good thrusting and satisfaction.


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