Wednesday, January 3, 2018

He Slapped Me for Snoring!

I feel shy and ashamed at the same time to say this. Please I need to ask what to do to this matter in my life.
I didn't create myself and I mind what I eat. It's not my first time spending the night in my fiancé house. I noticed last night I got series of slap on my body which I noticed was from him, I didn't sleep throughout the night.
Then I asked him why he was slapping me all through, he said I didn't make him sleep at night, that I was snoring.
The demonstration he made alone made me cry all through. Even as of now, I am thinking of leaving the house cos I am too ashamed to fall asleep again. Please help! I feel dejected

I quite understand the discomfort snoring might have caused to his sleep, but slapping your body countless times because of snoring is actually abusive and a dangerous trend. 
If your fiancé who is meant to help you overcome snoring is the very person slapping you and making you feel dejected, it is a dangerous sign of the kind of man you wish to spend the rest of your life with. 
To learn how to effectively overcome snoring please read SNORE and ASHAMED OF SNORING
If the man you wish to spend the rest of your life with could abuse you for an involuntary action, I'm wondering what he would do if you make a mistake or perhaps offend him.
Please don't let your feelings make you make a wrong decision in choosing your life partner. 


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