Friday, February 16, 2018

He Broke Our Agreement!

Hello Aunty Amara,
I have been in a relationship for eight months and we have been moving on well. He is a Catholic while I am a Pentecostal. He asked me to marry him, but I told him that our different faith might turn out to be a problem, but he insisted that it wouldn't.
We reached an agreement that after wedding we would change church to soothe our faith.
We proceeded to meet with his family, during the visit, his aunt warned me never to take him out of Catholic and he supported it. I thought he was just trying to say so for saying sake until we were on our way going home. He warned me to remember what his aunt said, that I should better not pull him out of Catholic.
I am confused right now cause he has broken our agreement, what should I do next?

Since the agreement is broken, you have to decide whether to accept his condition to remain in Catholic church after wedding or to move on with your life. 
Remember, you have the right/freedom to decide whether you wish to worship in his church or reject his marriage proposal. 
This is because after wedding, you will be left with dealing with your individual differences, and you may wish to limit your struggles after wedding.

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