Monday, February 26, 2018

How do I Prevent my Sister-in-law from Destroying my Marriage?

Aunty Amara
Good morning ma. Please I want to know what you and my fellow fans think.
My husband’s elder sister will not let us have peace, and the worst is that this woman is married and will not go to her husband's house.
She lives in my house, she does not know how her husband survives, and she practically live in her mother's house.
What kind of person is this? She is well known for trouble all over town and she comes to cause trouble in my marriage.
My husband will not stop listening to her, even my mother-in-law has told her to leave us alone and go to her house, but this woman complains about everything I do. Even if I cook for her, she must find fault.
Yesterday, Aunty, I gave this woman four pieces of meat in her soup, and gave my husband two pieces just for peace. When my husband came back, he came to our bedroom frowning that the sister said I gave her one piece of meat. Aunty, I swear, I gave her four pieces of meat.
Since that yesterday, my husband has not talked to me. I told my mother-in-law and she said I should just ignore them but this is destroying my home. What can I do? 

Option one 
Be indifferent about her presence and the reaction of your husband. Deplete every single form of affection, respect, and courtesy you have for her, and technically make her feel uncomfortable in your house. You are a woman for a reason, and one of those reasons is to give any individual who feels he/she is entitled many reasons to flee from your home. 

Option Two 
If your husband who ought to protect your territory has joined her wagon to make you feel miserable in your own marriage, then it is pertinent you give him and his sister the space to enjoy their marriage together. You cannot have two wives in one roof and not have many fights. 
If he now feels that you don't have any iota of sincerity and respect for his sister, then you may either give them space by leaving the house or give them space by doing things alone with your children, and then allow him to enjoy his marriage with his sister. 

Option Three. 
Be patient, pray, tolerate, and apologize. Since the marriage is more important to you than it is to your husband, then you may consider apologizing for what you never did, and forgive his sister in advance for all the things she does. 

Marriage doesn't mean being subjected to harrowing emotional and mental torture. Definitely not the type where another married woman comes into your home to put you under pressure. 
She's married, not handicapped, never in trouble, yet she practically manipulates your husband against you, and at the same time reduces you to her slave. 
The question is, how long will you continue to pretend to be cool with her tantrums? How long will you continue to be the virtuous woman who wants to protect her marriage at all cost? 
The day you decide that this rubbish is enough, maybe your husband will do the needful by pushing his sister out of your home, or he may grow the balls to address her issues and place her where she belongs. 
Until then, work with the best option that suits your conviction.

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