Monday, February 26, 2018

Hubby Almost Strangled Me to Death!

Good morning ma, hope you are fine. Please read my story, I give me your advice, and tell me where I went wrong.
I will turn 23 by May, I am married, I have a daughter that is a year and two months old. If you ask me my worst regret, it is getting married to my husband.
I don't know how I even got to this point with him. My mistake started when I decided to marry a man I didn't date or know too well, all just becsuse I thought he was matured, not knowing that maturity has nothing to do with a good heart.
Ma, I have endured all manner of abuse, verbally, physically and emotionally... I am just heartbroken and depressed..
I decided not to talk to anyone about it and bear my cross, but it's really getting out of hand, a man that doesn't have respect for anyone.
To him, I am just a piece of rag that he can use for anything, no respect for my mum, all he wants as he told me is to give him children, and he insisted that I won't do anything after my graduation, even business-that if I can't be staying at home, I should take a walk, but I am staying because of my daughter.
I have endured all manner of maltreatment because of her, but one that made me to start having a second thought is that he wanted to strangle me last night just because I refused he will touch me. I nearly lost my life, that I had to beg him to let me go, I couldn't even or shout..
Ma, I can't take any longer. I am tired, but my dad is late, and mum has three other sibilngs she is catering for. I know she can not allow me to leave, she will always tell me to stay and pray that he might change..
Ma, please talk to me as a daughter, I am just dying silently. I need someone to talk to me please. 

The beauty of regret is that it points us to our own mistakes, and then offers alternatives for our consideration. 
As a human being with conscience of what is good for you and what is harmful to your beautiful life; a being who is solely responsible for what you make out of your life, and a being who will bear the benefit and consequences of your own decisions, you need to wake up from blaming your past, or giving excuses for your pain, and take a bold step towards liberating yourself from the claw of death. 
When a man who is meant to protect you from harm is the one who wants strangle you to death (the thought of this gives me goose bumps), then you should by all means do everything within your capacity to protect yourself. 
If he succeeds in killing you, your daughter will live without your care, and your mother's prayers may never raise you from the grave. 
It is no longer a situation for prayers, patience and tolerance, but that of running for your safety and that of your daughter. 
Life is a priceless gift from God, please never subject yourself to be strangled by any human being, not when you can prevent that from happening. 
I don't want to discuss the dysfunctionality of your marriage, because should he kill you, he will definitely take up another lady. 
Please, stop giving excuses, protect your life!


  1. It's not for money did you accept to wed him? Also why did you refuse him to touch you. I don't like the way he treats you but you should poor more water in your wine because those men don't care about their wives life because they are thinking it's about their money.It's better for you to pay attention to him.

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