Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Did I Just Waste Two Years of my Life with Him?

Good morning ma, my heart is broken, I am crying and weeping for wasting two years of my life.
My name is D, I am a corp member serving presently. I have been in relationship with a guy for almost two years. I never liked the guy, was thinking as time goes, I will get to like him. 
For over this two years now, he has been nice and kind, even when he is not at fault, he apologizes but the truth is, I don't like or have any feelings for him.
He has introduced me to his people, yet I have tried so hard to, but I couldn't. I am 23 years old and I think I don't want to waste his time and also my time.
Do you think when I get married to him, things will work out,  or I may begin to like him, or I should quit? Please this issue has been disturbing me. 

It wouldn't be fair for you to work against your own feelings or to solely loan your emotion, happiness, and peace of mind to a man, simply because he loves you. 
If you decide to tow this path, two things may likely become your reality. It's either that you discover the best of him, and then fall deeply in love with him, or you get to know his weaknesses and then get frustrated in your marriage, thereby making it difficult for you to commit yourself to the marriage. 
But it's best to be in charge of your own decision and choices, most especially when it comes to your choice of partner, because you are the only person who will experience your marriage with him. 
If you don't have any feeling for him, any likeness of his personality, any qualities or attributes you admire in him, and any bonding you share with him, then it's may not be the best option to blindly marry him. 
Also, it is not healthy for you lead him on or waste his time, emotion and resources, experimenting whether you will develop any feeling or affection for him. 
If you don't connect with him, kindly let him know the truth, and move on with your life.


  1. this man are you talking to, what he does for you, it's not the same who pays your school fees and pamper you then you love his money not his body so what are you going to do now after abusing his kindness. Tell us a true he is not old than you. Please move on but don't forget we always pay back for what we did in good or bad this our life. You are happy and lucky one

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