Monday, March 5, 2018

I'm Drowning in my Marriage!

Happy new year ma.. it's been a long time.. Trust your family is well... I'm really trouubled!

Good afternoon ma, I'm pregnant with my third baby, started service February. Due to the financial situation in the past two to three years, a lot has gone wrong.

I have had to follow him to several churches for prayers and delieverance just to support him, because at some point I refuse going with him and it became a problem; calling me a witch and all manner of insults .. He even called my dad to report me.. I followed still.

Now, the ministry where we have been attending almost a year now, all out of nowhere, he said that the church is evil and the pastor is evil, and he is working with demons. For that reason, we switched to his former church where he was before we got married.
But he has this mindset that he knows how the devil works, and he was tied spiritually .. Is that enough reason to sit at home for over seven months without doing anything about looking for business? We had to rely on little money people send most times.

First NYSC allowee came, I gave him to use like ₦10,000 to go into the little business that was sustaining us, but in less than two weeks, the money finished.
At that point, I was seriously ill after I got back from orientation camp where I discovered I was pregnant... Both my boys are not in school.
My first couldn't continue because we were owing for the previous term. Now the school will be on Easter break in less than one month, he insisted that I bring the allowee to pay school fees, but I'm of the opinion that we send both of them to my parents to give him time to do business, and me to recover fully and face service for at least a month.
Landlord has been on our case since January. He said the kids needs to stay because there's a spiritual battle he's fighting and he's afraid staying far from them,  for that he embarked on 79-days fast..
He doesn't care if I eat. He tells me since I have money, I should use the one with me . I don't have access to the cash for now, because I do need to submit documents of change of name. 

First, this is not a spiritual problem, if anything, your husband needs to be delivered from his religiosity. 
The path he's towing is a path of a brainwashed individual who no longer wishes to take care of his responsibilities or even seek for help to support his family or business. 
I am more worried about your children who are now exposed to poor feeding, health care and education. 
As the wife and mother, you need to wake up, and take charge of your children's welfare before you lose them to carelessness or malnutrition. 
There is nothing spiritual about losing jobs, it's a cycle of human existence, and what he needs to do is brace up, humble himself and fight for his family's welfare, and not to fast himself to starvation. 
I feel that this is an urgent situation that needs the attention of your family and his family. 
You need to speak up, seek for help, and at the same brace up because your husband seems to be fighting the wrong battle. 
Again, this is not the best of time to starve yourself of food, please seek help, and remember that your children needs to be well fed, and hopefully have good education. 
If your family can assist at this point, kindly consider that option, and then have a heart to heart discussion with your business to know what he can do to make ends meet. 
You cannot continue to watch him push you and your children into unnecessary hardship in the name of fighting demons. 

Encourage him to focus on fighting the demon of hunger, lack of finances and unemployment with the strategic decisions not praying and fasting. 

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