Thursday, February 8, 2018

I Saw Nude Pictures of a Lady on Hubby's Phone.

Aunty Amara, please I need you to talk to me here. My marriage will be two years in three months time, and I couldn't believe what I saw in my husband's phone.
I noticed a particular number always calling him, but whenever I am with him he doesn't pick. So I decided to go through his phone, and I discovered that he has been receiving nude pictures of a lady and expressing how well they enjoyed sex together.
I was brokenhearted because I never thought of him that way before. So I confronted him about the matter with tears, when he was in a good mood.
At first, he denied, but later accepted when I told him about all the conversation in their chats. He now owned up and apologized after which he locked his phone.
Madam, please help me, how do I go about handling such? I can't imagine how hurt I feel. I have traced the lady, and I know where and how to get her. Please help me, I need your opinion on this, thanks. 

I will help you understand the feedback you received from him, then leave you to decide what you feel is best for you in your marriage. 
He never repented from his heart, but only felt remorseful having being caught in his game. To consolidate his infidelity, he locked his phone, so that you won't have such freedom into his 'private' relationships. 
Ordinarily, people will advocate that you don't touch his phone, because according to them, it is his privacy. They will also tell you to forgive, pray, and understand that men are polygamous in nature. 
Here are some things you should keep in mind whenever you are making your decision. 
Sexually transmitted infections and disease can be contracted from an unfaithful spouse. 
As long as the trust has been broken, there are three possibilities that may happen in your marriage. 
1. He may continue with such habit as his right, and only feel remorseful when caught. 
2. You may take a drastic decision that may force him to repent or amend his ways. 
3. You may expose yourself to depression, insecurity, and sexually transmitted infections, as a result of choosing to forgive and endure his womanizing habit since you are in love with him. 
At every point in your marriage, always remember that you have the right, responsibility, and freedom to decide what you know is best for you in your life. 
You have the freedom to also protect your emotion and health, because your life remains your first priority to protect at all times. 
Crying, pleading, and sometimes, even praying, won't fix a spouse who is not prepared to respect the agreement of your marriage. 
Again, tracing his numerous girlfriends won't do you any good, instead it will only make you more vulnerable to his emotional and psychological abuse. 
So sit down, examine everything, evaluate his attitude and commitment to the marriage, and keep an open mind about him. 
Should you get further evidence of his sexual escapades with other ladies, kindly inform his family and your family about your findings. 
If all your efforts doesn't yield any good result, then you may need to decide whether the marriage is worth it or best to move on with your life. 

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