Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Will 'No Condom No Sex' Have an Adverse Effect on my Marriage?

Sister Amara good morning and may the good Lord bless you richly .
Please I want to ask this question: I'm married for seven years now with three beautiful kids to a chronic womanizer. He sleeps with anything on skirt; including older and younger married women.
It has gotten so bad that I fear my life and that of the kids, that I told him no condom no sex, and why I made the decision was that I saw a chat he had with one of the married women he's dating, explaining how he enjoyed sucking her vagina and eating her raw, and I kept wondering how many women he has had without a condom.
So I'm asking, would my decision have an adverse effect on my marriage, cos he said he can't have sex with his wife using a condom, and that if I continue that way, that I'm going to lose him. Please advice. 

When the man who is meant to be faithful to you is sleeping with all other women, haven't you lost him already? 
If you are married to a man who sleeps around with other women, where then is the companionship that makes both of you a couple? Where is the privacy that makes your marriage special to both of you? Where is the protection that keeps you from contracting sexually transmitted infections? 
It is because there is no truth or trust in his commitment to the marriage, that you are employing the more trusted tool, condom, to protect yourself from all form of infections and diseases. 
Just like you should have known, HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections flies from one human body to another. No matter how much you wish to forgive him and impress the world that you are happily married to him, you are vulnerable to infections as long as you choose to have sexual intimacy with a womanizer without any form of protection. 
His decision to cheat and sleep around is already having an adverse effect on you and the marriage, and if the marriage is very important to him, then he will learn to discipline himself and be faithful to you, not by sleeping around and expecting you to expose yourself to possible infections because you are married to him. 
So if he decides to continue womanizing, it is in your best interest and in the interest of your children that you protect yourself from contracting sexually transmitted infections. 
And if you cannot cope with his Infidelity, you also have the responsibility to decide whether to continue with him or liberate yourself from a man who treats you like a rag.

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