Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Should I Return All He Gave Me While We Dated?

Good evening ma, please ma, I need your advice. There was one guy like that, that approached me and told me he wants to marry me, but I told him that I am not interested and I don't like him but he kept putting pressure on me. I decided to give him a chance.
Along the line, he gives me money if I am in need of it.
Few months ago he bought a phone for me, but I always reminded him that I don't love him even though you're giving me money.
So along the line, I tried to develop feelings for him but no way, and his attitude also was also discouraging.
So last week, I told him that I am no longer interested in any friendship with him,  that I am fed up with his character, but he threatened and said that I must return all that he gave me both money and gifts.
But I refused to return the phone to him due to the fact that I told him that it is a compensation for all the bad things he gossiped about me at my back.
Please ma, I seek for your help, what should I do?

What compensation is better than your peace of mind? 
If giving him the phone will terminate whatever relationship or entitlement he feels he possessed as a result of dating you, then I will suggest that you consider returning the phone to him.
Your happiness and peace of mind is worth much more than any gift he may have given to you.

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