Sunday, February 4, 2018

How Do I Get Rid of Him?

Auntie, good day. I appreciate you for the time and wisdom you use in helping people. Please I need some help on an issue I have.
There's this guy that has been approaching me for a long time, like six years now, and I don't know how to get rid of him.
I have told him times without number that I don't love him yet he would not relent. Whenever he called and I didn't pick, he will start quarrelling and accusing me of not loving him as I should, even though I'm not dating him. That upon all the love he has for me, I never deemed it fit to love him as well.
At a point, I blocked him on social media, he still brought his family to our house to come for introduction. I have tried resisting all I could. The next thing I heard, his family started praying with my name and my surname.
Everybody started preaching me to accept him, that he is a good guy and all that. I have tried getting into a relationship with him four good times to see if I could like him yet I couldn't. 
Those four times I accepted him was like hell. He forces love. Anytime he wants me, I should be available.
We started dating today, tomorrow he will tell me he misses me and therefore we should have sex. I will then tell him no, and the next thing will be quarrels and accusations of not loving him.
He is not the patient type at all. In fact, everything he does pisses me off. We ended up breaking up with quarrels each of those four times.
Ok, I have rest of mind after that but the next thing I know was his uncle and aunt taking up the matter. They are bent on making the two of us work.
And why this is so hard for me is that this uncle has been my benefactor at several times I had problems, (they have been our family friends for long now) and I know he has sown much into the boy's life which made the boy so important to him.
I didn't know what to do so I accepted, while deep in my heart, where I have checked myself from left to right, from front to back, I don't love him.
Now, each time he comes online and addresses me with words like my love, l feel like running away.
He will ask me whether I love him, I will say yes, but I know I don't. If I eventually get married to him, I fear that I may one day walk away from the marriage. 
I don't request or collect anything from him. I have told everyone concerned that I don't love him. What do I do? How do I get rid of him peacefully?

Everybody around you may have a good perception about this young man, but you are the only one whose perception matters most. 
It is their privilege to recommend, to suggest, and to 'advise/manipulate' you into dating or getting married to him, but always remember that none of these amazing individuals will live with the reality of your choice except you.
Who you choose to live with is your choice, decision, and responsibility, please do not under any circumstances allow any individual to manipulate you into getting married to a man who you don't love or feel attracted to or feel comfortable with or feel at peace with. 
If you don't feel at peace with him, happy with him, comfortable with him, and in love with him, he's most definitely not the one you should settle down with. 
All you need to do is to communicate your decision to everyone who cares to listen, and please you don't need to sell a lie to anyone, or pretend that you are cool with who you know you are not comfortable with.
This is your decision, please don't allow anyone to decide your marital fate.

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